Telemedical Services

Medical consultations and advice 24/7 - 365 days a year


Direct to Doctor, 24/7 medical advice to vessels globally. All calls are answered by a senior emergency physician in a hospital, supported by a clinical team.

From minor to major incidents or illnesses your subscription covers all.

You will have a single point of contact from start to finish to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.

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Professional medical telephone assistance

The sea is a unique and demanding environment, in which to deliver care for an acute medical incident. There may be no medical professionals available, and physical access to qualified medical care may be hours or days away.

 Speak directly to hospital based doctors

  Our Doctors understand your operational challenges, with over 80 years experience in evidence based medicine in the pre-hospital enviroment.

  Medical incidents at sea are often the most challenging to confront anybody. Well considered descisions may need to be made, working closely with our Doctors

  (who will be aware of you standard of kit carried), you will together deliver a solution that is in the patients best interest and safety.