Suitable for marine use.


Spine Boards - This is a rigid stretcher usually plastic or carbon also known as spine boards. 

Scoop stretchersThis device is typically made of hard plastic or aluminum, it is called a scoop stretcher because it splits vertically into two pieces, which can be used to scoop the patient up.

Flotation stretchers - Aqua-board is used to immobilise a casualty in the water. Designed to float up and under a casualty.

Neil Robertson - Industry & MCA standard stretcher, used to ensure stability before and during lifting. The Neil Robertson’s unique spliced slat design is frequently the stretcher of choice in difficult rescue situations when a casualty needs to be lowered or lifted to safety. 

Vacuum mattress - A vacuum mattress, or vacumat, is a medical device used for the immobilisation of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma. It is also used for manual transportation of patients for short distances

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